Testimonials ForMatthew Leigh

Attentive to our Homebuying Needs

“When my husband and I first began the buying process of our first home we were very nervous. We had heard horror stories from our friends about their home buying experience and dishonest Realtors. From our very first meeting with Matt we knew he would be different. We could tell that he was honest, hard working, patient, and detail oriented. Because it was our first home we had a lot of questions and were completely clueless. Matt took the time to answer all of our questions and never made us feel dumb for asking questions. He was able to explain it in a way that anyone could understand, which we both really appreciated. Even when we repeated the same questions, he was always patient and explained it again to us. It was when we saw the first group of houses that i realized how honest he is. Many Realtors might try to get you to buy the first home you see, even if it isn’t a good fit. My husband and I were so excited to even be looking at houses that we didn’t see the flaws in the houses on the first day. Each and every home we saw he would bring us back to reality and explain the potential issues with the house and what potential resale issues we may encounter. He also helped us figure out what we were really looking for in a home and what was really important to us. Never once did he pressure us into making an offer. As we got into the house hunt we would send him 20+ houses a day in separate emails. Matt would take the time to look into each and every property for us to determine if it was still available, if there were any blaring issues that would make it so we would not want to purchase, or if it was a short-sale/foreclosure. He was always extremely responsive; even as he was working 70+ hours a week. I was very impressed with the way he worked around our schedule to look at houses and was sure to always keep us updated. He made us feel as though we were his only clients and met all of our needs. As we began putting offers on homes he guided us through the process and made it easy. I was amazed by the way he could easily explain the complex process and make it seem simple. His attention to detail was extremely helpful once we were under contract for our current home. He made sure that we met each and every deadline and requested extensions when necessary. We didn’t have to do anything. He made the entire process very stress free- which is almost unheard of when buying a home. Matt exceeded our expectations and I am so thrilled that we were able to find the perfect realtor and the perfect home. I would recommend Matt to anyone! I know if we ever decide to move in the future, he will be our realtor.”